No person shall cut, deface, destroy, or drive any object into any tree, shrub, rock, sign, building or other structure or object in Mountwood Park.

No person shall remove any man-made or natural object, material, substance, plant, animal or historical or archeological relic or artifact from Mountwood Park except those acquired with proper written authorization by the Park Director and the Wood County Parks and Recreation Commission. 

Fires may be lighted only in fire rings or grills provided by Mountwood Park. Those persons responsible for a fire shall extinguish it completely before leaving it. Ashes, charcoal briquettes and other materials used for a fire shall be left in the fire ring or grill and shall not be strewn over the ground.

No person shall attempt to feed, or feed, any wild animal in Mountwood Park

Loud or excessive noise, demonstrations, disturbances, disorderly conduct, profanity, public drunkenness, and the possession or use of controlled substances is prohibited.

Swimming is prohibited in Mountwood Lake.

Garbage, waste, bottles, cans, paper, junk, or any other trash or refuse shall not be dumped, deposited or strewn within the boundary of Mountwood Park.

Cabins, campsites, picnic shelters, or any other facility shall not be subleased by guests or patrons.

It is unlawful for any person not to pay the rental, charge or fee for any facility, service, activity or good he or she uses or purchases at Mountwood Park.  Any person not paying fees in full by deadline date will be asked to leave with no refund.

Unless other operating hours are posted at all park entrances, only registered cabin, and camping guests, licensed hunters, and fishermen while hunting or fishing and persons who have authorized, legitimate business in Mountwood Park are permitted on the premises between the closing hour of 10:00 P.M. and the opening hour of 7:00 A.M., during which hours the premises are closed to the general public.

Dogs and cats are the only pets permitted Mountwood Park. In and around campgrounds, picnic areas, playgrounds, designated roads and trails and other similar intense public use areas, they shall be restrained at all times on a sturdy leash not to exceed ten feet in length, the owner or master shall clean up the pet’s excreta, keep it quiet and from disturbing other guests, and is responsible for all damages it causes. Use dog park for off leash area.

Fireworks, explosives, incendiaries, flammables and other dangerous substances are prohibited in Mountwood Park.

Uncased firearms, uncased bows and uncased arrows are prohibited in Mountwood Park.

Mountwood Park assumes no responsibility for any personal property. If personal property is abandoned or left unattended by park guests more than forty-eight (48) hours, it will be removed from the public use area and disposed of according to law.

Hawking, peddling, soliciting, begging, advertising, or carrying on any business or commercial enterprise is prohibited in Mountwood Park without the written permission of from the Park Board.

Fishing and boating are permitted in Mountwood Park Lake only in accordance with state law. Only trolling motors are permitted in Mountwood Lake, no gasoline motors are permitted.

The speed limit for motor vehicles is twenty-five (25) miles per hour in Mountwood Park, except where a lower speed limit is posted. All traffic laws, signs and directions shall be strictly observed. Driving of motor vehicles in any manner that creates a nuisance to any guest by repetitive or continuous cruising or operation is prohibited.

Motor vehicles must stay on designated roads and parking lots. It is unlawful for any unauthorized motor vehicle to go beyond a gate, cable, or other obstruction, or to proceed beyond any sign prohibiting such travel. All persons operating motor vehicles in Mountwood Park shall obey and comply with all applicable state laws and rules.

Mountain and trail bicycles shall not be operated on horseback riding trails.  No horseback riding may take place on any trail designated as a hiking/biking trail. 

No person may operate a vehicle in a manner so as to harass, chase or annoy any person or animal.

Except as authorized in writing by the Wood County Parks and Recreation Commission for group functions, no person shall have in his or her possession beer, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic beverages within the boundaries of Mountwood Park.

Any person may be evicted from and Mountwood Park facility or area for any breach of any park rule.  All rentals, charges and fees are forfeited upon an eviction.

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